A poem on Dissociation

We humans live in shit!We believe that we cannot come out!So we add various tags to shit!We add positive adjectives like “holy”, “great”, “divine” to our own shit!We add negative adjectives like “dirty”, “stupid”, “dangerous” to shit of others!We spill shit at others when they dont accept that their shit is bad!We get offended when … Continue reading A poem on Dissociation

A poem on Schizophrenia

According to my mother,it was my lie…According to my sister,it was my stupidity…According to my brother,it was my madness…But,According to my inner world,My threat was real…According to my mind,My suspicion was real…According to my heart,My pain was real…Everybody blamed me and cursed me and hated me for what I am!My heart got turned into a … Continue reading A poem on Schizophrenia

Writing Trauma, Writing Survival.

Why write about trauma and suffering? Something horrible happened in your life and it shook you. You don’t want to relive it and you certainly don’t want to ponder on its meaning. This is a natural response of evasion. But trauma specialists talk about the healing aspects of writing. First, Writing helps in processing an … Continue reading Writing Trauma, Writing Survival.