The Void

Written by “Agrim”

Is it you by my side
Gleaming as it rains
In for the whole ride
Is it you?
The feeling in my heart?
My christening
My new start?
Or is it you
The stranger in my bed
Consoling me as I weep
Lying awake and watching me sleep
Are you real
Or are you in my head?
A phantom  of my story unread
Is it you
In every tear of mine
In every sigh?
U had left
And yet here you are
Sleeping beside me
Not somewhere afar
Can I run my hand through your hair,
Rub your back?
Or will u be gone
With the wearing off of the crack
U let it all behind us and here you are
If u hate me,u don’t show a speck
Sitting on my chest,
Breathing down my neck
Will u share a dog with me?
Of course u will
We’re heading to pet store
You’re all glee
Hey! I got a job
U gleam up and wish me luch on my first day
I got you roses
I can’t wait to see you when I get back home
U don’t answer the door
I use the spare
Babe, are u there?
I don’t see you at first
I decide u might have gone shopping
I pour myself a drink
Hey babe where you been
Right here
We watch a movie, u cuddle under the sheets
I can feel ur heart against my chest every time It beats
I love you
I love you too
I fell asleep
Hey! You’re awake ,you say
But is it you?

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