Laziness, My Late Night Friend

Yes! I'm lazy, My laziness staved off anxiety crippling into my head,  My laziness helped me take a pause from restless fidgeting, My laziness plot me time to step aside for a moment and breathe life, My laziness showed me  I was overwhelmed and I needed to settle down, My laziness told me I don't … Continue reading Laziness, My Late Night Friend

Oh Dear Society!

A Poem by "Vamsy Krishna" Oh Dear Sociy.! (Society) Right or wrong..! The choices one make! The degree of the truth exposed! The degree of lies uncovered! The degree of truth understood as it is..! The less you assume! The more you become empathize..! The more you be non-judgmental, the more it sets you free! … Continue reading Oh Dear Society!

The Void

Written by "Agrim" Is it you by my sideGleaming as it rainsIn for the whole rideIs it you?The feeling in my heart?My christeningMy new start?Or is it youThe stranger in my bedConsoling me as I weepLying awake and watching me sleepAre you realOr are you in my head?A phantom  of my story unreadIs it youIn … Continue reading The Void

Creative Expression of Emotions – Art works of Kavya & Team

"Art is a talent where we can express our feelings or ourselves"Sree Kavya We Enjoy doing Art Work.. We Go Close to Oursleves each stroke of pencil and brush..! Do enjoy our Art Gallery “Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you're willing to practice, you can do.”Bob Ross By Jyothi Priyanka Reddy, Kenedy Vidya … Continue reading Creative Expression of Emotions – Art works of Kavya & Team

Sleep and a Poem knocked my doors!

Sleep and a Poem,Knocked my doors!Which door should I open?A door that takes me into restOr a door that pushes me into the past?A door that shows me fantasiesOr a door that reminds me tragedies?A door that gives me warmthOr a door that stops my breathe?I chose the second oneAnd opened my eyes!That is when … Continue reading Sleep and a Poem knocked my doors!